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Domestic Letter of Credit Use Case

A typical Domestic LC process involves a lot of manual process with paper documents exchanged between various stakeholders such as the Buyer, Seller, Banks and/or Financials Institutions, Logistics Service Provider (LSP) etc.

SDEX is a platform that enables easy management of digital documents that are shared with various stakeholders in a secured manner. Buyer and Seller can exchange the LC related documents digitally which are also shared with the Banks and/or Financial Institutions as required. The same digital documents are available to the LSPs for easy access and use.

Overall Benefits

 Moving from a manual paper based system to a process driven digital document exchange has multi-fold benefits such as

  •  Faster Transactions by moving digital documents between  stakeholder  with a click of a button.
  •  Cost Effective by reducing resource usage across the board.
  • Secured Documents using blockchain tech and encryption as appropriate.
  • Easier Regulatory Compliance since every action is logged making the audit process effortless.
  • Sustainable as paper document usage is drastically reduced/eliminated.


Value To A

• Faster realization of proceeds
• 3 weeks+ from date of shipment to funds credited under
sight LC

Value To A Bank/Financial Institution

• Capture higher SOW of Corporate’s flows
• Ability to ‘white label’

Value To A

• Visibility of goods/ documents at every stage
• No change to the LC application process